Table Detection in Heterogeneous Documents

Faisal Shafait, Ray Smith
9th IAPR Workshop on Document Analysis Systems, Boston, MA, USA, ACM, 6/2010


Detecting tables in document images is important since not only do tables contain important information, but also most of the layout analysis methods fail in the presence of tables in the document image. Existing approaches for table detection mainly focus on detecting tables in single columns of text and do not work reliably on documents with varying layouts. This paper presents a practical algorithm for table detection that works with a high accuracy on documents with varying layouts (company reports, newspaper articles, magazine pages, . . . ). An open source implementation of the algorithm is provided as part of the Tesseract OCR engine. Evaluation of the algorithm on document images from publicly available UNLV dataset shows competitive performance in comparison to the table detection module of a commercial OCR system.




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