TubeFiler - an Automatic Web Video Categorizer

Damian Borth, Jörn Hees, Markus Koch, Adrian Ulges, Christian Schulze, Thomas Breuel, Roberto Paredes
In: ACM (ed.) ACM Mutimedia, Beijing, China, ACM, 10/2009


While current web video platforms offer only limited support for a taxonomy-based browsing, hierarchies are powerful tools for organizing content in other application areas. To overcome this limitation, we present a framework called TubeFiler. Its two key features are an automatic multi-modal categorization of videos into a genre hierarchy, and a support of additional fine-grained hierarchy levels based on unsupervised learning. We present experimental results on real-world YouTube clips with a 2-level 46-category genre hierarchy, indicating that - though the problem is clearly challenging - good category suggestions can be achieved. For example, if TubeFiler suggests 5 categories, it hits the right one (or its supercategory) in 91.8% of cases.



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