Pixel-Accurate Representation and Evaluation of Page Segmentation in Document Images

Faisal Shafait, Daniel Keysers, Thomas Breuel
ICPR 2006, International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Hong Kong, IEEE Computer Society, Hong Kong, China, 8/2006
Accepted for publication


This paper presents a new representation and evaluation procedure of page segmentation algorithms and analyzes six widely-used layout analysis algorithms using the procedure. The method permits a detailed analysis of the behavior of page segmentation algorithms in terms of over- and under segmentation at different layout levels, as well as determination of the geometric accuracy of the segmentation. The representation of document layouts relies on labeling each pixel according to its function in the overall segmentation, permitting pixel-accurate representation of layout information of arbitrary layouts and allowing background pixels to be classified as "don't care". Our representations can be encoded easily in standard color image formats like PNG, permitting easy interchange of segmentation results and ground truth.




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