Anisotropic Gaussian Filtering using Fixed Point Arithmetic

Christoph Lampert, Oliver Wirjadi
Proceedings of the 2006 International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2006), Pages 1565-1568, ICIP, 2006
(submitted version)


Gaussian filtering in one, two or three dimensions is among the most commonly needed tasks in signal and image pro- cessing. Finite impulse response filters in the time domain with Gaussian masks are easy to implement in either float- ing or fixed point arithmetic, because Gaussian kernels are strictly positive and bounded. But these implementations are slow for large images or kernels. With the recursive IIR- filters and FFT-based methods, there are at least two alter- native methods to perform Gaussian filtering in a faster way, but so far they are only applicable when floating-point hard- ware is available. In this paper, a fixed-point implementa- tion of recursive Gaussian filtering is discussed and applied to isotropic and anisotropic image filtering by making use of a non-orthogonal separation scheme of the Gaussian filter.




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