Color Image Dequantization by Constrained Diffusion

Daniel Keysers, Christoph Lampert, Thomas Breuel
SPIE Electronic Imaging 2006 volume 6058, Pages 03.01-03.10, San Jose, SPIE, San Jose, CA, CA, 1/2006


We propose a simple and effective method for the dequantization of color images, effectively interpolating the colors from quantized levels to a continuous range of brightness values. The method is designed to be applied to images that either have undergone a manipulation like image brightness adjustment, or are going to be processed in such a way. Such operations often cause noticeable color bands in the images that can be reduced using the proposed Constrained Diffusion technique. We demonstrate the advantages of our method using synthetic and real life images as examples. We also present quantitative results using 8 bit data that has been obtained from original 12 bit sensor data and obtain substantial gains in PSNR using the proposed method.




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