multimedia in forensics intelligence surveillance workshop 2011

International ACM Workshop on
Multimedia in Forensics and Intelligence
- MiFor 2011 -

The rapid growth of multimedia collections world-wide opens new challenges to multimedia technology with respect to crime prevention and investigation. The protection of images, video, and audio data from illegal use, as well as its exploitation in forensics and intelligence, have become serious challenges as the sheer data volume renders a full manual inspection by an expert impossible. Tools are needed to support the protection, management, processing, interpretation, and visualization of multimedia data in the different steps of the investigation process.

Many exciting solutions for related problems have been developed in the multimedia research community (including knowledge extraction, categorization, indexing, browsing and visualization), forming an excellent basis for forensics and intelligence. However, due to the complexity of the targeted material, the lack of structure and meta-data, and other application-specific constraints, approaches must be tailored, adapted, and extended.

MiFor 2011 offers a forum for bringing solutions from multimedia research into forensics and intelligence. The workshop is targeted both at researchers working on innovative multimedia technology and experts developing tools in the field. MiFor 2011 follows two previous MiFor workshop held in conjunction with two previous ACM Multimedia conferences, MiFor 2009 and MiFor 2010.

MiFor 2011 will be held on Nov 29 -- check out the program!

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