multimedia in forensics intelligence surveillance workshop 2010

Multimedia in Forensics,
Security and Intelligence - MiFor2010
- October 29th, 2010 -

With the proliferation of multimedia data on the web, surveillance cameras in cities, and mobile phones in everyday life we see an enormous growth in multimedia data that needs to be secured to prevent illegal use, to be analyzed by forensic investigators to detect and reconstruct illegal activities, or be used as source of intelligence.

The sheer volume of such datasets makes manual inspection of all data impossible. Tools are needed to support the investigator in their quest for relevant clues and evidence and in their strive towards preventing crime. Such tools should support the protection, management, processing, interpretation, and visualization of multimedia data in the different steps of the investigation process.

In recent years the multimedia community has developed new exciting solutions for management of large collections of video footage, images, audio and other multimedia content, knowledge extraction and categorization, pattern recognition, indexing and retrieval, searching, browsing and visualization, and modeling and simulation in various domains. Due to the inherent uncertainty and complexity of the data appearing in criminal cases applying those techniques is not straightforward. The time is ripe, however, to tailor these results for forensics, security and intelligence.

The target audience of MiFor 2010 is composed of researchers working on innovative multimedia technology and representatives from companies developing tools used in forensics, security and intelligence. This workshop aims to bring the synergy needed to develop new and effective solutions to improve crime prevention and investigation in all of its steps.

MiFor 2010 follows a previous MiFor workshop held in conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2009.

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