Experimental RapidMiner Extension: Image Mining

This RapidMiner extension is intended to make working with images possible in RapidMiner. It allows you to handle large collections of images and to perform different types of transformations and feature extraction methods on them.

Note that the extension is still in an experimental state. This means that is not ready to be released as a full-fledged RapidMiner extension. You can download, use it and extend it with respect to GNU GPL3 license.

In this first version, several transformation operations are included:

  • Grayscale conversion
  • Binarization
  • Rotation
  • Resizing
  • Flipping

Furthermore, several feature extraction methods for MPEG-7 features are included:

  • Color Layout
  • Dominant Color
  • Scalable Color
  • Edge Histogram

The design of the extension is very modular, so other transformations and feature extraction methods can be added easily.

The extension is based on third party open source libraries, including ImageJ (public domain) and Caliph&Emir (GNU GPL3).


Download the zip archive here:


Unzip the extension and copy the ImageMining jar file into the /lib/plugins path of your RapidMiner directory.

Last modified:: 10.11.2010