A Local Discriminative Model for Background Subtraction

Adrian Ulges, Thomas Breuel
30th Annual DAGM Symposium, Pages 507-516, Munich, Germany, Springer, 6/2008


Conventional background subtraction techniques that up- date a background model online have difficulties with correctly segment- ing foreground objects if sudden brightness changes occur. Other meth- ods that learn a global scene model offline suffer from projection errors. To overcome these problems, we present a different approach that is local and discriminative, i.e. for each pixel a classifier is trained to decide whether the pixel belongs to the background or foreground. Such a model requires significantly less tuning effort and shows a better robustness, as we will demonstrate in quantitative experiments on self-created and standard benchmarks. Finally, segmentation is improved by 18 % by integrating the probabilistic evidence provided by the local classifiers with a graph cut segmentation algorithm.




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