Document Security - Line Orientation

Here we provide an on-line demo of our line orientation check for document security checks. For further details please refer to:

J. van Beusekom, F. Shafait, T. M. Breuel: Automatic Line Orientation Measurement for Questioned Document Examination, Int. Workshop on Computational Forensics, The Hague, Netherlands, 2009.


You can either submit an image through the form interface, or you can submit it programmatically through HTTP.

Form Interface

File (max. 5MB):

If you do not have an image at hand or want to try some of our images, try one of these (note that results are cached, so this is faster than using a new image):

Programmatic Interface

To submit your image programmatically, you can simply POST to this URL; the image should be a parameter named "imagefile".

From the command line, you can do this using:

curl -D header.out -F 'imagefile=@input.jpg;type=image/jpeg' > output.png

You can also do this easily using the HTTP implementation in your favorite programming language (C#, Python, Java, Perl, etc.).